Half Marathon for Andy's Man Club


For the last couple of months, Hayley, Jess and a few of their friends have been training for something very big. In summer time, the girls are going to be running a half marathon for charity. Their chosen charity is The Andy Mans Club, a local charity that aims to raise awareness about male suicide to try preventing it. As some of you may know, Hayley unfortunately lost her amazing dad to suicide 6 years ago, so this charity is one we support wholeheartedly.

We have a target in mind for our fundraising, and we are slowly approaching the target day by day. We would love as many people to help as possible to support this amazing charity and all the challenging work they do. We would like to wish Hayley, Jess and the rest of their group all the success with this challenge, stay tuned for our final donation count and the guys’ times.

Below is the link to our donations page, we would appreciate any help you could give!



Hayley Jennings