Eva Proudman


Thricologist Eva Proudman is a key feature to The Northern Hairloss Clinic. 

As a trichologist, Eva works with all aspects of the hair and scalp to help identify why hair loss and hair thinning happens. 

Eva uses extensive 45 minute consultations to take an indepth history of the hair and to learn everything about your life and lifestyle that may be an influencing factor o hair loss. 

Eva comes highly recommended, with over 15 years experience, she knows everything there is to know about hair loss and hair thinning.

Eva is currently working with Hayley, not only at the clinic, but also on a national scale with The Beautiful Truth Campaign, a campaign aimed to raise awareness about female hair loss in the UK and also to help provide hair professionals with the knowledge and skills to be able to help clients with hair loss and hair thinning. 

As well as all of this, Eva also runs her own business. UK Hair Specialists. This company helps to identify the causes of hair loss as well as diagnose conditions and can also help to treat them. Eva has the ability to test extensively through her knowledge she can analyse hair, scalp and blood. UK Hair Specialists are dedicated to solving the UK's hair problems and finding the best solutions or treatments for individuals like wise.