Why Northern Hairloss Clinic?

If people are suffering from hairloss and hair thinning and are looking for solutions then people will come across this page. The first question you may ask is why should I go to Northern Hairloss Clinic? 

Being one of only a few hairloss specific clinics in West Yorkshire we are the perfect people to help with any problems you may have. We are local so people in West Yorkshire don’t have to travel the length and breadth of the country to find help.

We also work alongside thricologist Eva Proudman who works to do anything between diagnosis of hair conditions to hair transplants themselves! The perfect person to help you through possible problems. 

There are many more reasons to choose Northern Hairloss Clinic, if you would like a few more reasons or to book in for a FREE consultation with one of our hair experts then give us a ring or drop us an email.


What is Alopecia? 

Alopecia is a condition in which the bodies immune system attacks the body’s hair follicles. Although this is. It usually a permanent problem there is no known cause or treatment for Alopecia. The body attacking the hair follicles can affect hair all over the body from, head, eyelashes, arms and legs. In some cases clients can loose nearly 100% of their hair but more often than not the client will loose patches of hair at a time. 

Although there is no known cure or treatment, at The Northern Hairloss Clinic we use a system that perfectly disguises the effects of Alopecia. By using our integration system we can easily transform your hair and the way you feel about it! 


What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania also known as Trich is a disorder in which the client can not resist the urge to pull and tear at their own hair resulting in thinning or even bald spots. This can occur on the head, eyebrows or eyelashes at times. There are no definitive reasons for people to have Trich however a few causes could be stress, chemical imbalance (OCD) and changes in hormones. 

For many cases there is no medical cure for clients with Trich. Lots of counselling and support can be offered and we can offer to do something too! 

Here at The Northern Hairloss Clinic we use a system of concealment called the integration system. This is a way of helping to conceal the affects of Trichotillomania whilst providing a protective barrier to the clients natural hair to prevent any more pulling or tearing. The natural hair will then be able to grow and develop underneath! 


Will my Hair Grow Under a System? 

This is a common question we get here at The Northern Hairloss Clinic as clients are unsure if they should invest in the integration system! 

The simple answer is YES! 

Your natural hair, whilst concealed and under the system, will continue to grow and develop as normal. Although the natural hair is used to attach the system, the natural hairs condition is not compromised by this! We use a combination of techniques to make sure the natural hair is protected and with regular maintenance and the right aftercare routine, your natural hair will grow under the system! 


What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by many different conditions and illnesses that can be diagnosed and treat with the help of a trichologist. The most common causes of hairloss in both men and women are; thyroid disease, anaemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels. Some of these can be treated through medication, products and supplements.  Some however cannot be treated and instead can be contained and concealed, that’s how we help.


How do I find a reliable hair doctor?

A hair doctor or doctor of the hair and scalp is called a Trichologist. They are specifically trained and educated to be able to identify all disorders of the hair and scalp. They can recommend treatments, treat the client themselves, or refer for more testing if they need to. At The Northern Hairloss Clinic we work with trichologist Eva Proudman, who has over 15 years experience in the field. If you are looking for a reliable hair doctor, look no further than The Northern Hairloss Clinic.


Can a person’s lifestyle effect hair loss?

Yes! Sleep, stress, physical activity, hormones and diet can all play a part in hair loss. Hair styling techniques and products can also be a factor with hair loss and hair thinning. These factors can be identified with the help of a stylist and a trichologist.


How can diet effect hair loss?

In your diet, you are supposed to consume a certain number of different minerals and vitamins, some of which influence hair growth. If you are lacking in these minerals and vitamins, this can cause weakened hair leading to breakage and hair loss or hair thinning. This can be corrected through the change of diet or through taking supplements for the minerals and vitamins that are lacking.


Can washing hair cause hair loss?

No, regular washing of the hair cannot cause hair loss. Hair washing itself stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Some hair products used whilst washing hair can contain chemicals that can be drying or damaging to the hair so for the best product advice, ask your hair stylist.


Is female hair loss common?

Absolutely! By the age of 50, more than 50% of women will have suffered from some form of hair loss. Its more common that people think.


Is there anything that can be done to prevent female hair loss?

There isn’t anything that can be done to completely prevent hair loss 100% however these 3 simple things can help reduce the risks of hair loss: manage stress to keep it to a minimum, maintain a healthy and well balanced diet and find a hair stylist that you can trust, if you have any worries or questions about hair loss or hair thinning, they should be able to point you in the right direction.