Hair In Recovery



As a proud member of the Racoon International team the Northern Hair Loss Clinic is able to offer a heavily subsidised programme to provide an alternative to wigs for women suffering from medical hair loss.

The Racoon International Hair in Recovery Programme is an approved hair extensions service structured to be accessible and affordable to as many women as possible.

Racoon will subsidise 40% of the cost of the hair and bonding system to patients, whilst the Northern Hair Loss Clinic will reduce its hourly rate by 20% for application and maintenance visits. It will also donate 5% of the costs to charitable causes linked to cancer treatment.


Hair loss can be a devastating condition. The effects of chemotherapy, telogen effluvium and alopecia affect clients from all backgrounds and can cause severe psychological and aesthetic effects.

Racoon International wants to help give clients back their confidence and self-esteem.

Racoon International’s Hair in Recovery programme offers a tested, approved and trusted hair extensions service structured to be both accessible and affordable to as many clients as possible.

Your certified stylist can offer affordable, creative hair design. Whether you choose a full head or a fringe, pricing is designed to suit all budgets, Clients on this programme will receive a subsidy on hair, bonding and aftercare products and this subsidy is honoured for a period of one year from initial consultation.

Racoon International hair is sourced by a well established supplied network that has provided human hair extensions to the extensions industry for generations. By working closely with our supplier network, we can guarantee the ethical sourcing of our hair.



The Hair in Recovery programme has been developed in consultation with Consultant Trichologist Iain Sallis M.I.T., who owns the largest number of trichology clinics in the UK. Racoon International offers a tested, approved and trusted hair extensions service designed to be both accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. At a discounted rate offered for Racoon International hair, bonding and products, each client can be helped with the costs for 12 months from the date of their first order.

If you have been diagnosed with medical hair loss and would like safe, confidence-boosting hair extensions, then Racoon International can help. Only those stylists who have a Racoon International certificate in Hot-Bonded hair extensions and who have also been certified in the Hair in Recovery course can carry out this unique programme.

This means that every customer going through the Hair in Recovery programme will be in the safe hands of an expert stylist who has received extensive tuition in medical hair loss issues, plus advanced training in the practical elements of hair extensions application.


Racoon knows that your hair is delicate, which is why you will be given a comprehensive consultation before any hair extensions are applied. The initial consultation will ensure your suitability, identify hair and scalp issues, identify medication limitations, determine your expectations and ensure that your lifestyle considerations are taken into account.

The consultation is the ideal opportunity to ask any questions, plan your new look and receive a price for your hair extensions. When registering on the Hair in Recovery programme, you will need to show proof of medical hair loss diagnosis to your stylist.


What is the Hair in Recovery programme?
The Hair in Recovery programme has been specifically developed for individuals with recognised medical hair loss that have experienced either hair loss or thinning hair. Those registered on the programme receive a subsidy on hair, bonding and aftercare products. Clients that have undergone chemotherapy must wait at least six months after completing their course and have at least 10cm of hair re-growth before hair extensions can be applied.

Is my stylist qualified to be offering this service?
In addition to being qualified in the Racoon International Hot-Bonded system, your stylist must have achieved certification in the expert course “Hair in Recovery”. You can either ask your stylist to provide a copy of their certificate, or contact Racoon International for verification.

Why Racoon International hair extensions?
Hair extensions can give you instant texture, volume, style and length without the need for chemicals or patch testing. Our versatile bonding system allows the size of the bonds to be formed individually to suit short or thinning hair.

Do hair extensions damage hair?
Although some hair extensions can seriously damage hair, Racoon International extensions systems have been scientifically proven (by an independent trichologist) not to damage hair when applied and maintained by a Racoon-certified expert and the aftercare guidelines are followed.

A perfect match!
Racoon International’s fantastic Hot-Bonded method is a loose hair system which allows your stylist to blend a mix of hair shades together to achieve the most natural of looks. With an extensive palette of colours to choose from, it’s no wonder why Racoon’s Hot-Bonded system is the preferred choice for achieving natural, multi-toned highlights to seamlessly match your own hair.

Will glue be applied to my hair?
Glue will definitely not be applied to your hair. Small, translucent bonds will be applied. They are as gentle to remove as they are to apply, leaving no trace or residue.


“Throughout my career I have seen the devastating effects that women have experienced due to treatments like chemotherapy – both physical and psychological. Looking great has amazing healing effects – it’s a fantastic programme.”
Andrew Barton, Creative Director, Racoon International Ltd.

“Racoon’s extensions are scientifically proven not to damage hair. The company’s products and training system are second-to-none in the extensions market; no one else goes to the extent Racoon International does to ensure the health of the clients hair and scalp.”
Iain Sallis M.I.T., Consultant Trichologist




The consultation with your Racoon International Hair in Recovery extensionist is the ideal opportunity to ask any questions, plan your new look and receive a quotation for your hair extensions. You may wish to invest in some test bonds to trial the extensions.

Your Racoon International extensionist will apply your hair extensions. You will be given comprehensive aftercare advice to follow by your stylist, plus a booklet to keep for reference. You can also download the Racoon International app, which includes all of the aftercare information for when you’re on the go.

You will need to use the award-winning Racoon-Xtend aftercare products to ensure your hair extensions remain looking salon fabulous. The products have been specifically designed to work in harmony with both your natural hair and extension hair and will not break down the unique bonding. Speak to your extensionist to discuss your maintenance and rotation schedule as Racoon International hair is fully reusable. Additional “pop-in” sessions may be needed when hair extensions are first applied, but this will depend on the reason for the medical hair loss.