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Intergration System




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Integrated Small Pieces



Northern Hair Loss Clinic is one of the only companies in West Yorkshire that offers this service. The system is handmade and crafted on a lace integration mesh. This system is designed to be a permanent disguise for hair loss and hair thinning. The system lasts for 1 year with regular maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks and a realignment every 6 months. This breathable system allows you to was not only the mesh, also your hair underneath maintaining hygienie and comfort.  

This product is a perfect way to conceal and correct hair loss and hair thinning. Created from premium materials, this handmade system is a lightweight, discreet option.  

We use these pieces to cover a variety of different spaces, weather it be scaring or hairless patches from surgery or alopecia. These handmade pieces are attached into the hair and perfectly blended with the natural hair giving a seamless and undetectable finish.  

We offer human hair and also acrylic wigs. These pieces are all handmade and specifically designed to match the requirements for each individual client taking into account their natural hair, skin tone, face shape and desired look. We offer consultations that last 90 minutes in which we take a full template of your head and scalp, we colour match you, we length match and start to design the piece specifically for you. Everything about the piece is personalised, from the wig base to the texture of hair. We work with Banbury Postiche to provide these tailor made pieces, which are hand crafted, strand by strand, and can take up to 4 months to arrive. Acryic wigs are available a lot sooner and can be personalised and styled once they arrive.  

LA Weave

LA Weave is a quick and easy route to luscious new hair, taking just 45 minutes to professionally apply and 15 minutes to remove.  The systems can last up to ten weeks with no maintenance after which they can be removed or refit.  Hair is hand-picked and ethically sourced from Russia and Mongolia and comes in a choice if 28 beautiful colours.  Weaved hair uses specialised thread and micro rings to secure into your own hair.